August 7, 2015 E-Newsletter

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St. Augustine Ocean & Racquet Resort News 2015

Annual News & Updates
Welcome to our first edition of 
The St. Augustine Ocean & Racquet Resort Annual Newsletter.
Your Board of Directors thought it would be a good idea to establish an annual newsletter to update our owners on what improvements and projects have been undertaken in the last twelve months
Property Improvements
2015 Accomplishments (in no particular order)

Wireless Internet capability through the entire complex with a beach cam for viewing on our website

Removed coquina from walkways and replaced with pavers

Replaced 2 wood retaining walls at Buildings 1 & 6 that were in need of repair with block paver retaining walls

Completed the repairs and installed new pavers at the large pool
(Small pool to be completed soon)

Replaced plastic clubhouse chairs with folded padded chairs

Moved bicycle storage to the covered racquetball area

Purchased and are installing the last of the new heat pumps to reduce electricity usage

Updated rules regarding patios, balconies and parking

Replacement and extension of the bulkheads at the North pond
Future Planned Projects

Replacement of windows and doors at the office and clubhouse
Resurface and stripe the parking lots
Clean, seal and paint the entire condominium complex
Cover damaged ceilings in Buildings 3, 4 & 5 with a vinyl overlay

Technology & Rental Program Updates

In this constantly changing world our website is continually being updated. At present all minutes and meeting information is posted for owners to log into and access.  Calendars are also updated with events (both owner events and local events).

Website visitation has increased by 30,000 last year and bookings from the website have increased yearly with approximately 50% booking directly online.

We are in the process of creating a more friendly web page and are in touch with an App developer to create an App where we can reach our guests via Smart Devices.

The rental program is also in discussion with large travel websites including, and
Social Committee Updates
Beginning in the Fall, Social Committee activities until the end of 2015 will include:
Bridge 3 days/week and Mah Jonng 1 day/week
Holiday Buffet in early December
New Years Eve open house which will kick off the 2016 activity season
A full list of activities starting in January will be available on a 
monthly basis from the office and accessible on the website
Questions and suggestions are encouraged.
Contact Amanda in the office.
I would like to thank your Board of Directors and all the Committee Members, managers and staff who do a terrific job year in and year out to keep up our high standards.  It is our intention to remain the Best Place on the Beach to live and stay.  We would not have been able to fund these improvements without their vigilance and a large portion of the costs coming from our rental program.

By now you should have received a budget proposal in the mail.  This will be put before the Board at the August 17th Board Meeting.  The budget process has resulted in no increase in condo maintenance fees this year.  

I look forward to seeing all of you at our Annual Meeting on October 17th.

Thank you all for your support

Bob Jones,
Board of Directors

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