Jacuzzi Villa Condos

Our Jacuzzi Villa Vacation Rentals units are located behind the Ocean Front and Near Ocean buildings. These 5 stand alone buildings offer an open courtyard with a common Jacuzzi in the center. From the first floor you are just steps to the tub, while the higher level units are just a trot down the stairs. 

These units are situated close to the property amenities including both pools, jacuzzi's, tennis courts, fishing, grills and more. Just a short walk through the property will bring you right down to the beach.The first floor units offer patios that step right out into the yard, while the upper floors, stair access only, have views that over look the property and landscaping.  Our Jacuzzi Villa units are popular with families, especially those with small children because of their convenient access to the pools and the jacuzzi's. They are also popular with groups including weddings and family reunions because of their proximity to

the clubhouse.  If you are ready to book your next vacation to St. Augustine Beach, click here to get started.  Choose "Jacuzzi Villa" on our search menu if this unit type sounds like the best choice for you.   


     Building 1                   Building 2                  Building 4                  Building 6                  Building 7

 Jacuzzi Rentals           Jacuzzi Rentals          Jacuzzi Rentals         Jacuzzi Rentals           Jacuzzi Rentals    

      Unit 1101                  Unit 2101                  Unit 4101                   Unit 6102                  Unit 7101

      Unit 1104                  Unit 2102                  Unit 4102                   Unit 6104                  Unit 7102 

      Unit 1108                  Unit 2103                  Unit 4104                   Unit 6106                  Unit 7103

      Unit 1202                  Unit 2104                  Unit 4105                   Unit 6107                  Unit 7105

      Unit 1203                  Unit 2105                  Unit 4106                   Unit 6202                  Unit 7106

      Unit 1204                 Unit 2106                  Unit 4107                   Unit 6205                   Unit 7107

      Unit 1303                Unit 2107                   Unit 4108                   Unit 6206                   Unit 7108

      Unit 1304                Unit 2206                   Unit 4202                   Unit 6208                   Unit 7205

      Unit 1306                Unit 2303                   Unit 4206                   Unit 6302                   Unit 7206

                                      Unit 2305                   Unit 4207                   Unit 6304                   Unit 7207       

                                      Unit 2308                    Unit 4303                   Unit 6307                  Unit 7301    

                                                                         Unit 4304                                                     Unit 7308

                                                                         Unit 4305

                                                                                               Unit 4307

                                                                                               Unit 4308














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