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The on-site clubhouse is available to rent for wedding, reunions, meetings, etc. The building sits on one of the properties ponds and the outside deck looks out over the water and fountain. 

The clubhouse has roughly 1200 square feet of floor space (carpet and tile) and will fit about 120 people sitting and about 145 standing. The clubhouse also comes with a small kitchen which includes: refrigerator, icemaker and stove.  A variety of tables and chairs are available at no additional cost with the clubhouse.  Please see below for a list of available inventory and prices.  



  • 16- Square Card Tables-Seat 4 (34"x34")                                  
  • 15- 6 ft. Tables- Seat 8
  • 2-8ft. Tables-Seat 10
  • 96 Metal Chairs w/padded seats
  • 15 Metal Chairs
  • 3 Bamboo Buffet Tables 50" long x 22" wide

Quiet time begins at 11 pm. All events in the clubhouse must be ceased by quiet time.

Reserving the Clubhouse
In order to reserve the clubhouse, you must also be renting at least one (1) unit on-site. The rates are:         

Clubhouse Rental: $125.00
Clubhouse Cleaning Fee: $80.00
State Tax: $12.30

Total: $217.30

A $250.00 security deposit is required at the time of reservation. It will be returned after the clubhouse is inspected for damages.

There is a 10% discount off the rental fee of the clubhouse for each additional unit rented. For example:

2 units rented --- 10% discount off rental fee
3 units rented --- 20% discount off rental fee

4 units rented --- 30% discount off rental fee

5 units rented --- 40% discount off rental fee
6 units rented --- 50% discount off rental fee
7 units rented --- 60% discount off rental fee
8 units rented --- 70% discount off rental fee
9 units rented --- 80% discount off rental fee
10+ units rented --- Clubhouse rental fee is FREE!


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