Fall is Among Us!

                                       We are just two days away from the begining of a new season,




With fall creeping up on us, here is what to expect: Cooler weather, thick coats and....who are we kidding!?

We will still be in our bathing suits, here in Saint Augustine!

                                   With the weather still around 80°, we are still living it up at the beach. Although the next couple days are going to bring in some showers, we are in desperate need of some rain after that blistering summer that just passed. If you joined us this summer, then you were the first to experience our summer events! This year, I was brought on to the team to be the event coordinator. This job has been nothing less than one of my favorite jobs thus far. We had

movie nights, beach breakfasts, aqua zumba, yoga on the beach and bingo! I could not be more thankful for the turnout we had this year and cannot wait for the upcoming events we are going to have. We also just had our first ever Facebook Giveaway! We went through a couple local businesses to make what we called a, "Swag Bag". We had over 2,000 friends and guests that participated and I was overwhelmed with joyful emotion!! I could not believe that a little Facebook Giveaway would have generated such a great turnout. I was so pleased with everyones reactions to our recent events and activities, that I became eager to plan and attend more. Our manager, Amanda, and I got together and planned a Labor Day scavenger hunt as well. We made a list of fun things to find, make, and even sing! I am not sure who had more fun, the guests or the office staff!? But, our winners won some amazing prizes: Family of 4 pass tickets to The Alligator Farm, a $25 dollar gift card to Sunset Grille, and a Family of 6 to Anastasia Lanes Bowling Alley! We all had a BLAST! Now, I am looking foward to Fall so I can continue brainstorming for the summer, but also planning for our winter guests that are going to be swarming in soon. This will be my first time experiencing the rush of Jan,Feb, and March but, I am ready to meet all of our wonderful guests, and hopefully I can make their stay with us that much better! For those who I had the pleasure to meet, and for those I have yet to meet: See You Real Soon!


Have a Fabulous Fall,


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