Zipping the Zoo - Alligator Farm

Yesterday, March 24, 2013, my fiance and I tried out the zip line at the Alligator Farm.  Not knowing what to expect, we signed up for the short course.  For $30 per person, we spent about an hour above the zoo, completing obstacles and ziplining over the crocodile pits.  The staff was really excellent and the course was fun, but also challenging.  The course is self guided.  After a short safety and ziplining tutorial, the staff sent us on our way.  It was nice to be able to go at our own pace and take our time completing the course.  There was no pressure from the staff and they were very encouraging throughout the way.  We crossed swinging logs, tightropes, ladders and more.  Below us we were able to see deer, crocodiles, alligators, storks, turtles, birds and other various wildlife. 

We really enjoyed the experience and it was something completely different that we had not tried before.  Our plan is to go back and complete the long course now that we know what to expect.  A photographer follows you on the course and pictures are available for purchase when you leave.  The pictures were reasonably priced (5 photos for $25.00) and there were plenty to choose from.  We would recommend this attraction to those who have a little bit of adventure in them or for those who want to challenge themselves with something new.  To check out the course and sign up, visit the Crocodile Crossing - Zip the Zoo website. 


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