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Welcome to the blog for St. Augustine Ocean & Racquet Resort. Here our staff and our guests will update you on their experiences as well as new and exciting events that are coming to St. Augustine. We are always to happy to accept your ideas and your own blogs. The more information we are able to provide to our owners and renters is essential to our business. We appreciate your insight.

I keep hearing wonderful things about the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum, but I had yet to experience it myself.  In all honesty, it sounded like it would be a hokey museum and probably not worth the money to enter.  Flat out...I was wrong.

The museum is located just across the street from the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, so parking at the fort is perfect (and if you park after 5 pm or on Sunday, it's FREE).  We entered through the giftshop, paid our fee, and entered the museum.  The museum itself is immaculately put together with lots of artifacts and history of famous pirates, especially those who visited St. Augustine.


I had the pleasure of joining this crew on several occasions  and have been left amazed and delighted by the wealth of knowledge, first hand experiences and deep passion these people share with you on this one of a kind excursion. All guides for St. Augustine Eco Tours begin with experience and education that makes them certified kayak instructors or US Coast Guard Licensed Boat Captains. Secondly, all current guides are Interpretive Naturalists. They are as good with people as with animals and will customize the trip to the interests of the group.

You have 3 choices to  this unparalleled  voyage;  kayaks for a close up and personal nature experience, the rescue boat for not only seeing the dolphins at their best but actually hearing them by way of the hydrophones and the catamaran for a more exhilarating sailing experience. No matter which experience you choose I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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